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A Hat in TimeVideo Game (3D Platformer)

A Hat in Time is an upcoming platform game by Gears for Breakfast for OS X and Windows. The game was developed through Unreal Engine and is based on earlier 3D platformers for the Nintendo 64 such as Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie. The game was funded through a Kickstarter campaign, which doubled its fundraising goals within its first two days. Kotaku, which received an early copy of the game, has praised the gameplay and premise. The game follows the character of Hat Kid, a young girl that i... View more [Wikipedia]

Jordon Derrick wrote his opinion about A Hat in Time

3 years ago

i have seen game play and like it

CROSS ✞ LIGHTA Hat in Time

4 years ago

never really played platformers but i like the look of this. cute art style. somewhat interested~

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