Favorite Video Game Characters

Favorite Video Game Characters

Great video games need great characters in order to become true blockbusters. As gamers, we love to assume the role of unlikely heroes or empowered entities to achieve the impossible or JUST HAVE FUN! From Mario to Master Chief, Sonic to Sam Fisher, Mega Man, Crash Bandicoot, Kratos, or ANY character that's ever brought you pixelated pleasure, this list is all about the icons of an industry and determining which ones are your favorites!

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Real-Time Results (394 Participants)

  • #1

    910+0 pointsSolid SnakeSolid SnakeRanked by 101 users (+0 users)
  • #2

    789+0 pointsGLaDOSGLaDOSRanked by 81 users (+0 users)
  • #3

    681+0 pointsLinkLinkRanked by 83 users (+0 users)
  • #4

    670+0 pointsBig BossBig BossRanked by 59 users (+0 users)
  • #5

    609+0 pointsEllieEllieRanked by 55 users (+0 users)
  • #6

    596+0 pointsCommander ShepardCommander ShepardRanked by 55 users (+0 users)
  • #7

    596+0 pointsGarrus VakarianGarrus VakarianRanked by 57 users (+0 users)
  • #8

    584+0 pointsNathan DrakeNathan DrakeRanked by 66 users (+0 users)
  • #9

    476+0 pointsGeralt of RiviaGeralt of RiviaRanked by 43 users (+0 users)
  • #10

    458+0 pointsEzio Auditore da FirenzeEzio Auditore da FirenzeRanked by 48 users (+0 users)
  • #11

    441+0 pointsClementineClementineRanked by 46 users (+0 users)
  • #12

    433+0 pointsSamus AranSamus AranRanked by 47 users (+0 users)
  • #13

    433+0 pointsJohn MarstonJohn MarstonRanked by 44 users (+0 users)
  • #14

    427+3 pointsMarioMarioRanked by 62 users (+1 user)
  • #15

    393+0 pointsJoelJoelRanked by 44 users (+0 users)
  • #16

    376+0 pointsSonic the HedgehogSonic the HedgehogRanked by 56 users (+0 users)
  • #17

    370+0 pointsTali'ZorahTali'ZorahRanked by 33 users (+0 users)
  • #18

    363+0 pointsLee EverettLee EverettRanked by 45 users (+0 users)
  • #19

    327+10 pointsLara CroftLara CroftRanked by 44 users (+1 user)
  • #20

    319+0 pointsElizabethElizabethRanked by 34 users (+0 users)
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Saiyan MonkeyFavorite Video Game Characters

1 year ago

Why no love for Shadow the hedgehog

Dr EggnogFavorite Video Game Characters

1 year ago

Link at number 3? I thought this was a favorite video game CHARACTERS list.

Richard Pale By your logic as long as they have cool weapons/power ups/gameplay we should put games that barely have a story in the favourite gaming story list and awful looking games in the favourite gaming art list.

1 year ago

Magus Magus The problem is that you're looking at "characters" way too narrowly here. The stuff you can do with characters in games is pretty obviously relevant to how much people will like said characters. As the introductory paragraph states: "As gamers, we love to assume the role of unlikely heroes or empowered entities to achieve the impossible or JUST HAVE FUN!" Therefore, characterization is indeed optional. I could ask why you're so myopically focused on the story aspects of characters being their only valid measure when we have another list for favorite gaming stories. I see you have a favorite fighting games character list. Are you really arguing that those characters' actual fighting mechanics should have no consideration whatsoever when making such a list and that anyone who says otherwise is wrong?

1 year ago

Dr Eggnog Part of why I like Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil 4 is because of his gameplay abilities such as jumping through windows and off ledges without getting hurt, kicking enemies and slamming open doors to stun enemies and such. That said, those tie into his personality as a purposely over-idealized American action hero. His scene personality and gameplay actions mesh well together.

1 year ago

Dr EggnogFavorite Video Game Characters

1 year ago

Pyramid Head and Aegis sitting just outside the top 100. It looks so cold out there. Come on guys? Let em in.