Favorite PlayStation Games

Favorite PlayStation Games

With the first PlayStation, Sony attempted to create their own hardware for the video games industry. Like many other systems of that generation, it uses CDs as a medium instead of cartridges. It is home of many titles, both popular as well as critically acclaimed, many of which can be found among many unikGamers' Greatest Games of All Time.

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Lizard WizardFavorite PlayStation Games

2 years ago

It's excrutiating, almost impossible, to make a top 10 list for the PS1 (and the PS2 too for that matter). There's just too many games, I feel like I need a list as big as my All Time Favorite Games for this.

rockshard PhD no I agree. But lists have the same problem, only worse. If you make a top 100 list for example, that's in effect a 100 point rating scale in which you must assign exactly one game to each possible rating. There is no way of just saying "here's a list of all these games I liked". Whereas if I make a top 100 using the backloggery idea, Id simply choose 100 games I like and give them all the same rating. (100 games tied for 1st place) You can then change the number of stars on individual games to point out which games you like more out of those 100. But this part is optional.

2 years ago

Lizard Wizard Yeah that's a good point, I might just make a list on that site whenever I'm bored someday. Just one question though, does the website automatically group by consoles or can I make custom lists?

2 years ago

rockshard PhD It's automatically grouped by consoles. However there are filters and one of them is the ability to remove console grouping. By default though console grouping is on.

2 years ago

Will LoughmanFavorite PlayStation Games

3 years ago

Nice to see Crash Bandicoot: Warped so high on the list

Master Crash It's only THE BEST GAME EVER!

3 years ago

Gries HeFavorite PlayStation Games

4 years ago

There are so many amazing PS1 games I haven't played/completed yet

... Suikoden, Vagrant Story, Parasite Eve, Legacy of Kain, Ape Escape, PaRappa, Valkyrie Profile, Grandia, MediEvil, Gex, Dino Crisis, Syphon Filter, Legend of Mana, Destruction Derby, Tomb Raider series, Twisted Metal, SotN, Resident Evil, Chrono Cross, Spyro, Xenogears etc

what am I doing with my life? :-/

Master Crash I finished Parrapa in a couple of hours, I'd stat with that one :v

4 years ago

Gries He Parappa costs 20 euro on Amazon, darn it

4 years ago

Gries He Since I made that post last year, I already beat Parasite Eve 1 and Tomb Raider 1. Both made it into my Top 10 PS1 games list.

2 years ago