Favorite PlayStation 3 Games

Favorite PlayStation 3 Games

Apart from the amazing library of exclusive titles - cinematic roller coaster rides, innovative barrier-breakers, and iteratively refined near-perfection of epic proportions - the PlayStation 3 has a lot to offer: it can be used as a powerful media center for the living room. The PlayStation Network lets you play online for free. It is the only console featuring ultra-precise motion-gaming as well as 3D viewing - if you can afford it. And with its vast processing power, it is the optimal partner for scientific projects like Folding@Home. Due to horrendous pricing decisions, the PS3 had a rough start but after a while, it delivered the striking games everyone has been waiting for - and that's what counts in the end.

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Dr EggnogFavorite PlayStation 3 Games

8 months ago

I'm surprised to see God of War III above Bioshock and Batman Arkham Aslylum/City. It didn't feel like GoW III made nearly as big a splash as the first two.

Demi Axersia That double jump was garbage.

8 months ago

Dr Eggnog Funny, never had an issue with it.

8 months ago