Favorite NES Games

Favorite NES Games

A glowing savior in the darkest of times, the Nintendo Entertainment System came to save the industry. Oh, if it weren't for you, little bright-gray box, what would have become of us? A revolutionary machine, a brilliant machine, a wonderful machine. Setting standards, leading the way, showing developers all over the world where to go and how to get there. You and your pleasant children, the games that started it all.

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will loughmanFavorite NES Games

1 year ago

Whoa im surprised Kirby's Adventure is so high

Pape BadianeFavorite NES Games

2 years ago

Oh wow! We have Stuttering Craig in the house with all major Nintendo franchise in his Top 3

Woodrow ShigeruFavorite NES Games

2 years ago

Thanks for those recommendations! I'm gonna have plenty to play with this batch (yet, not too many, compared to the full library; exactly what I wanted). That's a wide list of genres – I like it! Some of them I've already played but I only remember them vaguely from my childhood, so … I'm looking forward to play them again. Battle Command does look interesting. When was the last time I sat in a tank/mech? Must have been pre-2ooo.

Sir NodsterFavorite NES Games

2 years ago

I'm using a touchscreen so can't add anything just yet but I'll add some tomorrow night when I get home. is a good place to find out the highest rated games though and read some reviews.

Michael ZFavorite NES Games

2 years ago

Hmm. Adding California Games erases all games but the top one from the list... odd... either that or I am losing it.