Favorite Mobile Games

Favorite Mobile Games

Ever since they came with a built-in camera, cell phones sold like warm cupcakes on a fresh day of spring. Today, who doesn't have a mobile? From iOS to Android; even a tablet can be used as a phone - or to play games. And with a target audience this huge, and growing, gaming can't be far. Initially simple in structure and scope, with a focus on gameplay, they started being successful - where else? - in Japan. However, the devices have become more powerful over time, allowing for more sophisticated and visually exciting games. In fact, so much so that they can be easily compared to titles of the last generation. Unfortunately, this mobile boom is accompanied by a vast flood of software, competing for your precious time.

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M K8Favorite Mobile Games

1 year ago

Nokia N-Gage games exist in the database but are not list-able here. Please add.

Gries He The plight of the people shall be heard, Papissama!

1 year ago

Pape Badiane N-Gage games are already in there.

1 year ago

Gries He The plight of the people has been heard!

1 year ago