Favorite Genesis Games

Favorite Genesis Games

Although it was designed to compete against the aging NES, the Sega MegaDrive (or Genesis in the United States) ended up competing against the SNES. As well as against all the other game devices from the 4th Generation of gaming, but mostly against the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. And as a matter of fact, it fared pretty well in North American and Europe - especially in Europe. Estimatedly, this is the most successful console of the company. No surprise, if you consider how many games of the majority of its lifetime were more than just satisfying, although they have been designed for a controller with merely three buttons and a D-Pad.

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Roger Francis

Ranked by Roger Francis on February 23, 2016. Check the full list


Pape BadianeFavorite Genesis Games

2 years ago

5 Sonic games in the Top 10?? What the hell happened at Sega HQ back then??

Oliver S. Rocket Knight Adentures and Ristar are the best Genesis platformers.

2 years ago

Firion Hope Oh geez they're great games but thats excessive. Why rank Sonic 3 or sonic and knuckles when sonic 3 and knuckles is both games combined, it's better in every way

2 years ago

The Gries nope, I've completed Sonic 1-3 in 2013 and had a blast, they definitely deserve a spot in the top 5 of this list

2 years ago