Favorite Gaming Art Style

Favorite Gaming Art Style

This top list is not about graphics in terms of technical prowess: it is about choosing your favorite games by their Art direction and design. Whether or not cell-shading is involved or hand-drawn art. Are the textures unique, the landscapes beautiful? Is the game using wild brush strokes, a goofy cartoon look or rather authentic photorealism? Is its art defined by deliberate retro association? Are there beautiful contrasting colors or simple stylized silhouettes? Are particular elements like color, saturation or even gore emphasized? Is it a complex case of fractals or synaesthesia? -- Which look did you enjoy the most?

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Tomi ValkonenFavorite Gaming Art Style

2 years ago

Some love for Alien: Isolation (currently #134). That art style was crafted purely out of 100% love.

Okami is #1 as it should be. Thank you for that.

Ed Kick It's atmoshpere is ridiculous it might be the only game in the same league as bioshock in term of just how good it's atmosphere is

2 years ago

Gries HeFavorite Gaming Art Style

4 years ago

this is without a doubt my favorite list on FL, it's simply flawless