Favorite Game Developers

Favorite Game Developers

Making a great game is no easy task and doing it time and time again is certainly even harder. This list is dedicated to the developers that have given you meaningful memories and awe-inspiring experiences within the realm of interactive entertainment. Maybe they're industry vets. Maybe they're fresh and fantastic. Either way, let's find out which game developers you feel deserve to be ranked amongst the all-time greats.

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Gries HeFavorite Game Developers

4 years ago

My Least Favorite Game Developers:

1. Nintendo
8. Gearbox Software, Bethesda and Epic Games
9. Grasshopper Manufacture and Platinum
10. most Japanese developers (Capcom, Tecmo Koei, Namco, tri-Ace)

Magus Magus nice troll list but you need to be less obvious about it. Who's gonna believe Nintendo's really #1?

4 years ago

Stephanie Taylor You must be new here.

4 years ago

Miguel Vilhena Like Tim Shafer said, games should be about wish fulfillment. If you're wishing about stuff that's real your imagination is dead. Not that I appreciate all japanese developer's quirks, but they are much more creative than eastern developers and their derivative stories and characters, albeit normally in their whimsical fairytale style.

2 years ago

Ulty Favorite Game Developers

4 years ago

Love how Squaresoft sits at #1, while Square-Enix is way lower at #32. Kinda sad, how the mighty have fallen...

Big Boss A. The name change makes it easy to seperate their glorious past from the mixed feeling of present day SE.

4 years ago

Will Loughman the only series i like from square enix is kingdom hearts

4 years ago

Pape BadianeFavorite Game Developers

4 years ago

Most developers images are low resolution, so feel free to update them to make it all pretty.

chemical reaction Phew. Just did about 3 dozen image improvements. Things look pretty now. :3 <3

4 years ago

Pape Badiane Nice work!

4 years ago